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In its day, Lucky Jet was one of the first crash games. Today, this emulator has many counterparts, but Lucky Jet's rating isn't falling, but is steadily rising.

How the mechanics of the Lucky Jet emulator work

Newcomers to online casinos can quickly get to grips with the principles of the Lucky Jet crash game gameplay at 1win and start winning. The provider offers innovative mechanics. The user will find nothing in common with either video slots or table games.

The player's task becomes to stop the gameplay in time, to close the bet in order to earn and withdraw money. It is a plane that takes off at the beginning of each round. The craft gains altitude and can crash at any time.

At the start of each round, the user decides the size of the bet. If the gambler fails to close the bet in time before Lucky Joe's jetpack falls, he loses money. If the player's prediction comes true and the player reacts in time, the bet counts as a win.

The final payout is made up of the bet multiplied by the multiplier at the time of withdrawal. The size of the multiplier depends on the length and height of the flight. Interestingly, in Lucky Jet even 5 seconds of play can give a solid multiplier.

There are no alternative options. The crash emulator excludes bonus features, a freespin round, wild symbols and any random events. The mechanics are as simple and transparent as possible, making all players equal. Users make quick bets and withdrawals in a couple of seconds.

Two universal strategies

A new player to the Lucky Jet 1win crash game should pay attention to the betting panel. Firstly, the online casino customer will see that two bets can be registered in one round at once. Secondly, the gambler is entitled to an auto-cashout option.

Automatic withdrawal means that the slot will automatically close the bet as soon as the plane reaches the designated mark. This position is up to the user to determine. It is this feature that gives birth to the basic universal strategy.

If you look at the statistics box at the top left of the main screen, you can see that Lucky Jet is climbing by at least 1.2 each round. The visitor can play Lucky Jet and autocash out on this figure during the start of the session for several flights ahead. From each round, the user will receive a minimum payout. However, this is still a plus, which can later add up to a jackpot.

To increase profits, it is possible to register each bet for a large amount. A wager of 10,000 credits, even at odds of 1.2, gives a good return, and over the long haul will allow the gambler to be in substantial profit with a 99% probability.

Another strategy in the Lucky Jet crash game concerns win-win betting tactics. For example, the first bet the user makes on 1200 credits to close this bet at odds of 1.2. The profit is 1,200 coins. Second bet in the same round should be played for the same 1200 credits to try to get a multiplier of 10-20 times more. Even if the second bet turns out to be a loser, the first one will cover the money loss, this will help to be at zero.

Any tactical decision in Lucky Jet can be practiced in demo mode. Provider 1win does not limit this mode in time and allows the user on the official website of the online casino to study the statistics and results of other customers of the gambling club.

How to withdraw money from a Lucky Jet crash game

It doesn't take long for your winnings to be withdrawn. The provider has created a slot with such mechanics, which automatically transfers the money won to the balance of the gambling club account. Therefore, all the user has to do is to order the payment to his bank card or e-wallet.

There is no exact size of the jackpot at Lucky Jet. A user can win as much as 10,000 credits, and become the owner of more than half a million. It all depends on the chosen strategy, luck and the size of the bets made.

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