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Spribe has long tried to establish itself as one of the gambling industry's breakthrough leaders. One of its developments has been the crash game Aviator. This is where a player can win x100 per round for a single bet, which happens about once every 1-2 hours. You can find the crash slot on the 1win Casino website.

Developer: Sprieb
Year of issue: 2019
Feature: A new fast cash game
Strategies: Check out
Random number generator: Yes
Similar games: Lucky Jet, Rocket X, 1000x Busta.

What the game is about

Aviator is one of those slots that can be called completely fair. All this is made possible by the introduction of Provably Fair. This is a system for determining the outcome developed by Sprible. In each round, the outcome is determined entirely at random, although the slot does have some patterns that players have already been able to calculate.

The gameplay of the game itself is as simple as possible. All you have to do is place a bet and then confirm the bet. At the start of the round, the plane begins to take off. It is necessary to withdraw money from the game until the character flies off the screen. This can happen at any time, and no one can predict it in advance.

The further the plane flies, the higher the reward the 1win user can receive. The game starts with a multiplier of x1, after which it can reach triple digits. This multiplier is applied to the bet. That is, if the gambler has placed a bet amount of 100 roubles, he will receive a payout of 500 roubles when the x5 ratio is reached. But if you don't have time to withdraw the money before the plane leaves, all the money bet will simply be burned.

It is for the opportunity to win x100 and more that customers have come to love the Aviator game. In order to earn more often in the slot, users develop various strategies. Most often they are related to financial management. Thanks to this, customers are able to minimise their losses and maximise their winnings.

How to play Aviator

If a 1win customer is suddenly interested in Aviator, they will need to understand exactly how to play it. In fact, it's very simple, although the slot does have some nuances.

How to bet a round at 1win:

  1. Open the Aviator slot.
  2. At the bottom of the screen, find the field for entering an amount. Enter the stake amount and click "Place".
  3. Wait for the appropriate odds on the screen. Press the "Cashout" button.

The attentive user will notice that there are two areas at the bottom of the slot for entering an amount. Aviator allows you to place two bets per round at once. This will be especially useful for players who use different strategies to increase their profits.

If you're going to play a lot of Aviator, you're likely to use the same bet. The developers have made provision for this, so they have introduced the ability to set up automatic bets, of which there can also be up to two pieces.

To do so, click on the "Auto" slider and then set the betting amount. It is possible to automate not only the process of entering the game itself, but also the withdrawal of money. For this purpose it is necessary to specify a coefficient, at which achievement the system without your participation will remove money from the game. If the plane flies away without reaching the specified multiplier, the bet will be lost.

The secret to winning at the Aviator

The most important factor in winning is having a strategy. No experienced gambler will mindlessly bet even on regular slots. It is always necessary to think about minimising the risks.

The basic rules for playing any slot:

  • the pot must be broken down into many small bets;
  • It's never a good idea to go all-in, the risks are too high and the law of meanness may work, with the plane leaving at x1 odds;
  • you cannot win back, even if you have lost the whole pot;
  • the mind must be clear and not clouded by emotion or alcohol.

And like any other slot, you shouldn't get greedy in Aviator. If you're constantly chasing big winnings, you're likely to lose all your bankroll. It's much better to go up a little at a time, but all the time.

It will therefore be necessary to consider strategies for the game. There are a total of three basic tactics that are used by most experienced gamblers:

  1. Play at low odds. All bets are withdrawn when the payout multiplier reaches x1.5. In this case it is possible to play long and faithfully, and leave when the received winnings will satisfy the user. It is best to bet 2 - 5% of the whole pot.
  2. Trying to double up. It's enough to catch odds of x2 to already feel the winnings. The tactic is suitable for those who want to win back the losses of a previous failure in one round at once. Again, the bet should be no more than 5% of the pot.
  3. Catching big winnings. In this case, the client starts to enter the game if the plane has never flown away at a multiplier of x100 during the last hour. The bet should be small, around 0.3 - 0.5%.

The third strategy can be used in combination with the first and second. This allows you to increase your chances of winning by being able to bet two sums at once with different automatic withdrawal odds.

Provably Fair

You may notice that the developers of Aviator often mention such a concept as Provably Fair. This is a special system developed by the company itself. It allows the result of each round to be randomly generated, which completely removes the possibility of tampering on the part of the casino and the provider.

Provably Fair is the guarantor of fairness. No one can influence it, thanks to the system used to determine the result of the round. A hash code is generated with each new round. A hash is also determined for the first three players who bet on that round. The result of the game session will be the sum of these codes.

That said, Strible is not afraid to make the system completely open. Every customer or just a guest can open a slot and see the cache codes generated for previous rounds. A special calculator can then be used to add up the values and get the final result. This openness proves once again that Aviator is a completely fair game, where everyone can win.

Aviator analogues on 1win

1win is a large online casino that is one of the leaders in the gambling market. The number of slots available here exceeds several thousand. Of course, among all the variety, you can easily find various analogues of Aviator. They work on roughly the same principle, where you need to make a bet, and then have time to withdraw before the end of the round.

What similarities to Aviator can be found at 1win online casino:

  • Lucky Jet;
  • Rocket X;
  • 1000x Busta.

It is safe to play for money in each of these slots. Here, each 1win customer decides for himself which game best suits his needs and visual appeal. After all, it is possible to win at any of the crash games, but it is much more enjoyable to do so if the pictures and animations are as pleasing to the eye as the money you earn.

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